Impress customers with a punctual service, over and over again

Again and again

Planning, dispatching, workshop management

Work orders can be planned manually, assisted or fully automatic. They can also be dispatched or send to the workshop queue. Use the most appropriate planning flows to service your customers

Route Assistant to reduce CO2 and travel costs

Plan the routes of your technicians based on the sugestions of the Route Assistant. Your CO2 and travel cost will go down, and planning efficiency will go up.

Geolocation of technicians and workorders

At any time, any moment, always know who is working on what work order where. In realtime.

Planning Assistant

Based on more than 10 different parameters, the Planning Assistant will suggest you the most appropriate technician and planning slot. Efficient for the planner, efficient for the customer.

Route optimization

You have 30 technicians and 600 work orders to plan next week? No worries, the Smart Scheduler will compute the best routes for every technician, taking skills, SLA’s and of course historical travel times into account. 

Travel times

Let our planning compute the travel times based on historical data, so that your technicians can arrive on time in a breeze.


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