Mobile App

Never ask technicians to do the paperwork anymore!

Go 100% digital

An app designed so you and your team never compromise!

This app works fully offline!!!!!! Yes, fully! You have every valuable information at your fingertips. Complete work orders in the field without any drop in quality on iOS, Android or Windows devices!

Connect with measurement devices

If you use measurement devices for combustion, air flows, and the likes, you will love this. Connect them with Odyssee and get all the values in the work order. It generates you just one work order approval, one certification. All saved in Odyssee. For ever.

Forms & Checklist

You signed a service contract with the customer. Now you have to deliver. Our smart checklists and easy to fill in forms will help you a lot:)

Register used parts

 With this app, technicians easily register used parts, even if your parts catalog exceeds 100K items. And they can check stock levels as well, in real-time.

Billable time

Travel time or working time, the Odyssee app registers it automatically. Edit further or just confirm and submit to customer for signature.

Wrong equipment?

The work order is linked to the wrong equipment? This app allows technicians to switch the equipment linked to the work order. And you keep all the history a 100% right.

Completion flow

Who needs to sign: technician, customer, both? What follow-up statuses are available? What options do you need inside the completion process? Configure the correct flow to complete each work order accordingly.