Map your customers and their equipments in one place

Instantly access all equipment information of your customers

Equipment management made easy

Every detail matters when it’s about reaching the field service excellence. Make sure you immediately access all equipment information easily while you have the customer on the phone.

Master your equipment list

Organize locations, sublocations and equipments in one single overview. Whether it’s a small building or an airport, everything fits into your Odyssee Field Service.

Warranty management

Does this question sound familiar: “Is it still under warranty?” Inform customers, manage exceptions and invoice only when needed.

Full work order history

Once in Odyssee, always in Odyssee. Every work order, every signature. Also every used part, every billable hour. Also when and by whom…

Bill of Material

Bill of materials save you lots of time and seriously speed up work order execution.

Build your own spec sheets

When we say it is important to keep all your equipment information in one place, we mean it. Even your very own spec sheets. How? Select field types, name it, drag & drop, done.


Work Orders