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We were looking for an alternative to pen and paper, and an easy way to manage the many pictures we have to take during each work order execution. The Odyssee Field Service app is super user friendly, and can manage up to hundreds of pictures per work order.





Since their inception in 2007, Eoluz has grown into a well-known and established player in the industrial PV market. Having a strong track record and building on their longstanding expertise their services and custom-made solutions are highly valued by their clients. Thanks to these innovative solutions, they help more and more companies, local authorities, investors, … to access sustainable energy, to reduce their carbon footprint and to make a cost-efficient, cost-saving and profitable investment. Moreover, the Eoluz renewable energy projects contribute to society by reducing the CO2-emissions and by promoting renewable energy as the one and only energy source of the future.


It is to the customer and to Eoluz advantage, that the solar installation provides a lifelong energy yield. Monitoring and proactive maintenance, whether or not under warranty, are therefore crucial. Eoluz has a professional M&O department with extensive expertise to guarantee the optimal effciency and performance of the customers’ PV installations. These contracts go for a period of 20 years!

Customers with PV installations always keep an eye on the return on investment. “And to achieve a high return,” says Bashar Sabbar, field service expert at Eoluz, “you need sun (out of our control) and a well-maintained installation”. PV-installations are often placed on roofs, and thus are relatively difficult to access. So Eoluz developped a habit to highly document every service report. This was done by taking pictures with a camera, adding those pictures in a Word document and sending the document by email to the customer. It meant technicans had to do work on site, and when back at home, had to download all the pictures from the camera and insert them in the report. In some cases, a service report can contain hundreds of pictures. 

Before Odyssee, we had to take hundreds of pictures separately and add them in the Word document to generate the service report. With Odyssee this service report is now generated automatically at the end of every work order. You can imagine the time saved!

Bashar Sabbar

Service Expert


“Before Odyssee, we had to take hundreds of pictures separately and add  them in the Word document to generate the service report. But today, with the Odyssee Field Service app, this service report is generated and sent automatically at the end of every work order”, says Bashar. “You can imagine the time saved! 

The report template module is an easy to use PDF builder that Eoluz can manage themselves. Eoluz uses different templates depending on the work order. The correct template is automatically added to the work order, so technicians do not have to worry what template to choose.


Not having to create Word documents manually saves a lot of precious time. That extra time is now available to plan other work orders increasing capacity by 33% without hiring extra technicians!

Not only we increased capacity, obviously we also hugely decreased errors. The service reports now always follow the correct template. Arriving immediately after the service in the mailbox of the customer gives thel a good feeling. The communication flows between Eoluz and the custimers are now fast, accurate and very neat.

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