Customer Portal

Simplify communication streams with your customers

Clear & timely communication to delight all your customer

Customer Portal

Give your customers insight in their assets and how well you service them. Allow them to view the full work order history and maintenance schedules, or download a service report even outside business hours.


Tailor your helpdesk module to your service activities and display it inside the customer portal. Collect every ticket 24/7 and close or escalate it  to a work order.

Customizable templates

Use the ‘no code’ form builder to create your email or PDF templates, adapted to every field service use case. 

Communication triggers

Based on key service triggers and your own email, TxT and PDF templates, communication streams will be sent out autmatically and inform your customers on time.

Multi-language management

If you work internationally, activate the languages you need and be sure to send every document in the language of the customer.